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Onward Toward the Priesthood

by MOSAIC Editorial Team

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Nine seminarians in their third year of theology took another important stride on their pilgrimage toward the priesthood. They received installation into the Ministry of Acolyte on October 21 in a ceremony in Sacred Heart's main chapel. The men are scheduled to be ordained to the temporary diaconate in the spring of 2017 and ultimately to receive Holy Orders in May 2018.

The installation is an official act of the Church. Acolytes are commissioned to aid the deacon and assist the priest in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. Acolytes also care for the sacred vessels used at Mass. Ceremonies that precede the installation are the Rite of Candidacy (during first-year theology) and the Ministry of Lector (during second-year theology).

The presiding celebrant for the Ministry of Acolyte installation was Most Rev. Jeffrey Monforton, Bishop of Steubenville and former rector of Sacred Heart. Bishop Monforton presented to each man a paten that represents being entrusted with the bread and wine brought to the altar to be consecrated into the Body and Blood of Christ.

Here are the men who are now received into the Ministry of Acolyte: Timothy James Burnham, SOLT, of the Diocese of Corpus Christi; James Michael Houbeck and Christopher David Muer of the Archdiocese of Detroit; John Matthew Machiorlatti of the Diocese of Lansing; Dustin Forrest Larson of the Diocese of Marquette; Stephen Patrick Blaxton, Marc Michael Hopps, and Adam Patrick Maher of the Diocese of Saginaw; and Joshua David Erickson of the Diocese of Steubenville.

Please remember to pray for these seminarians as they continue their journey toward the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

MOSAIC Editorial Team

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