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Bishop Cepeda to Mass for Commerce Attendees: "Unleash the Gospel!"

by Marita Ladosenszky

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The annual Mass for Commerce and fellowship breakfast, now in its twenty-third year, began with a warm welcome from Sacred Heart's rector, Msgr. Todd Lajiness.

He expressed to the men and women business leaders, numbering over two hundred, that where they were seated--in Sacred Heart's main chapel--was the heart of the seminary where seminarians are formed after the heart of Christ. Monsignor Lajiness asked all present to join in prayer for an abundance of vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, and lay ministry.

Most Rev. Arturo Cepeda, auxiliary bishop of Detroit, presided at this year's Mass for Commerce, held on Wednesday, October 19. It was fitting that the Gospel reading for October 19 was Luke 12:39-48: "Much will be expected of him who has been given much."

Bishop Cepeda centered his homily message on a question: "What is God asking from us?"

"What he is asking is very important to ask," suggested Bishop Cepeda. "He is asking the best of us. The gifts God has given us are intended for a specific mission.

"Can you imagine our lives without a mission?" he continued. "Our lives would be meaningless as Christians. The task before us is to "bring about the Good News with joy!" Pope Francis is constantly reminding us, the bishop said, of this mission. In his homily's conclusion, Bishop Cepeda emphasized the theme of Archbishop Allen Vigneron's initiative to bring about a "new evangelization" within the Archdiocese of Detroit: "Unleash the Gospel!" he exhorted the congregation.

During the Prayers of the Faithful, and later during the concluding remarks by John Sier, chairman of the Mass for Commerce, attendees remembered the faithful departed, particularly those who founded the event a quarter century ago. May they rest in peace and may they intercede for the success of the upcoming archdiocesan Synod 16, to be held November 18-20. May there be a true unleashing of the Gospel in the Archdiocese of Detroit and across the earth!

There was much fellowship and networking between old and new friends at the light breakfast following the Mass for Commerce. If you were not able to attend the event and would like a copy of the book Beautiful Mercy by Catholic evangelist Matthew Kelly (the book was given as a gift to attendees), please email Mark you calendar and attend the next Mass for Commerce on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 (and bring along some business associates, too!)

Marita Ladosenszky

Marita Ladosenszky is director of donor relations at Sacred Heart.

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