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Companions Celebrate Deacon Campbell Ordination

by Daniel Hudec

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On the Solemnity of the Annunciation, Saturday, March 25, Ruben Campbell was ordained to the transitional diaconate at St. Scholastica Parish in Detroit. Hailing from Saltillo, Mexico, Deacon Ruben is pursuing a vocation to the priesthood with the Companions of the Cross religious community. He is finishing his studies in theology at Sacred Heart, joined by seventeen of his fellow Companions seminarians.

Deacon Ruben's ordination was preceded the day before by his lifetime promises to observe the Constitutions and Rules of the Companions of the Cross, professed during a special Mass on Friday, March 24. Fr. Allan MacDonald, CC, general superior of the Companions of the Cross, received Ruben's promises. Father Allan traveled from Ottawa, Ontario, where the Companions of the Cross head office is located. (The Companions' Detroit monastery is at St. Scholastica.)

Deacon Ruben is well-loved by his brother Companions, who respect him deeply on account of his love for the Church and deep personal relationship with the Lord, about which he shares freely. His great zeal for the Church's mission of renewal and evangelization is a constant inspiration to his brothers.

How to express the experience of my diaconal ordination? responded Deacon Ruben when asked about his ordination weekend. Using an analogy, it was like jumping into the deep ocean of Gods mercy. I asked myself: Why do I want to be a priest of God?' And I responded within myself: I wish to serve others and to bring them to you, Lord.'

But, deep in my heart, I seemed to feel another sensation, which said, First, you need to live in Me, to dwell in Methen you can go to the others to serve them.'

The Companions of the Cross and the people of St. Scholastica Parish were honored to welcome Archbishop Allen Vigneron to preside at the ordination Mass and ritual, along with a number of priests and deacons from Sacred Heart, including Rector Msgr. Todd Lajiness. Archbishop Vigneron gave an inspiring homily relating the Solemnity of the Annunciation to the events of the day, and he made mention of his gratitude for the presence of the Companions of the Cross in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

The Companions finished their weekend (which came to be known humorously as a Companions triduum) with another celebration, this time on Sunday the 26th at the Newman Center at Wayne State University. Father MacDonald celebrated Mass with Companions-brothers and university students on Sunday evening, and he instituted Marcus Schonnop, who also is studying theology for the community, into the Ministry of Lector.

The whole community of the Companions of the Cros—priests, Deacon Ruben, seminarians, and lay associate—wish to give thanks to God for his many blessings this past weekend, and also wish to give thanks to everyone who came to St. Scholastica and to the Wayne State Chaplaincy to help them celebrate these blessings. May God be praised!

Daniel Hudec

Daniel Hudec is a second-year college seminarian studying for the Companions of the Cross religious community.

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