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Festive and Frosty Fun for Community on Halloween

Seminarian Bryan Garcia shares how Sacred Heart seminarians brought the neighborhood together for a Halloween celebration.

by Bryan Garcia

Thanks be to God, Sacred Heart Major Seminary had another successful Halloween event this year! This annual Halloween event is one of the ways our seminary tries to care for the neighborhood, come to know the people more, and spread the love of Christ to our neighbors. 

It was amazing to see so many people join us for this event. People started lining up outside the seminary’s gate at 2 p.m. even though the event didn’t start until 5 p.m.! Many of the neighbors who came were people who had been coming for years bringing their children’s children who were eager to receive some candy. It was truly astonishing to see how this is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.  

Once the gates opened, we were ready to pass over 150 bins of candy. We saw so many amazing people come through those front gates, dressed in every costume imaginable. People brought big bags, knowing what to expect—a lot of candy. Lights, spiderwebs, pumpkins, music and many other decorations transformed the environment, plus the seminarians dressed up in a variety of interesting costumes which brought a lot of joy to the event and, of course, many smiles to the children’s faces. 

The craziest part of the event was the weather. Once we started passing out candy, it started snowing and was really cold. Nevertheless, this did not stop people from trick or treating—it was worth it in the end. Despite the weather, we managed to pass out all 150 bins of candy to the people from the neighborhood.  

The Halloween event was a great opportunity for seminarians to share Christ to our neighbors. One of the best ways that we as seminarians achieved this was through a prayer service. A prayer tent was available for those who needed prayers and what a great blessing this was. Many people after receiving their candy asked for prayers and we would pray with them. They were very moved and grateful for the prayers. Moreover, we not only prayed for them but also gave them miraculous medals and prayer cards that manifested the beauty of the Catholic faith. As seminarians, these were gratifying moments simply because we were sharing the good news of the gospel.

My seminarian brothers and I were happy to have this opportunity to serve our neighbors. We not only offered candy but prayers as well for those who needed it. We were truly blessed to see the smiles that were shining on people’s faces due to this event. And honestly, this is what it’s all about—to bring God’s joy to the people of God! To bring the light of the Gospel to our neighbor not by expecting to be served but to serve. This event welcomed hundreds of people from around the neighborhood, and all of this would not have been possible without the continuous efforts of the seminarians and the help of the parishes that donated this candy. It was truly such an amazing experience! 

by Bryan Garcia

Bryan Garcia

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