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Finding Our Treasure

by Jeanne Robinson

Sacred Heart has been very instrumental in my search for Jesus. Each class I took revealed Jesus, whom I had buried deep within me. Jesus, my treasure, whom I have searched for and found.

I held to this newfound treasure, keeping it close to me and not wanting to share. I wanted to hold it close, like a newborn baby, examining every aspect, bonding and growing more and more in love. This time of bonding allowed me also to understand my new life in Christ Jesus and the responsibilities this treasure brought.

I have grown to know, love, and share this treasure, Jesus, my Lord.

Jesus has given me life and I am ever thankful. He desires for each of us to find our own treasure in him. He has even given us a map to find him, the Holy Scriptures. Some people know of the Holy Scriptures and some don't or have forgotten to look at the map.

I am part of a team of devoted people called Operation Olive Branch. We go out two by two to visit parish members that have been away from the Church to invite them back. We talk with them, pray with them, and bring their prayer request back to the Divine Mercy Prayer Box. These prayer requests are lifted up during Mass. This ministry has been fruitful by prayers being answered, faith shared, and people returning to Church.

We are blessed to have a Divine Mercy Center at my parish, which I participate in. We go to the homebound, group homes, and nursing homes to visit and bring Communion to our brothers and sisters. We start the day participating in Mass, fellowship, and prayer, and then we go out.

Some of the people we visit don't have visitors or can't leave the facility. We are blessed to have a priest who dedicates his time to have Mass and hear confessions for these lovely people of God. On the days without Mass, we have a Communion service or read from Scripture, pray, sing, and visit with them. Part of our ministry is prayer. We pray with people, such as praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary, and pray with them for their requests.

Our biggest gift to them is presence. Our presence brings the love of Jesus, hope, and affirmation of their worth. If we don't have the treasure of Jesus in our lives, we wouldn't be able to give him to others or help them find their own treasure.

Jesus blessed me with my time at Sacred Heart, giving me the tools I would need first to find the treasure and then to show others how to find their own treasure. Jesus Christ is my treasure whom I hold close to my heartmy treasure once hidden, now found. I never want to lose my treasure, and may you find your own treasure.

Jeanne Robinson

Jeanne Robinson graduated from Sacred Heart in 2012, earning a Bachelor of Pastoral Theology. She has served our country for thirty years in the Air National Guard. “My true identity,†she says “is a holy child of God desiring to always love and serve him.â€

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