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Heart For Mission Episode 10: Fr. Michael Nixon

Fr. Michael Nixon, STL student and Pastor of St. Dominic in Panama City, Florida, joins Heart For Mission to discuss his studies of the New Evangelization and how they relate to parish mission.

by Editorial Team

Show notes:

(0:39) Craig introduces our guest, Fr. Michael Nixon, and opens in prayer.

(2:40) Fr. Michael introduces himself and discusses his STL studies at Sacred Heart and how his studies, ministry, and parish were affected by Hurricane Michael in 2018.

(5:34) Just as St. Dominic began recovering from the hurricane, the pandemic hit. He discusses the continued effect that had on the parish community and the ways they were able to navigate the pandemic having already survived a hurricane.

(8:51) Fr. Michael reflects on what drew him to an STL in New Evangelization and his desire to renew his parish toward more intentional discipleship. He gives some background on the size of his parish and how he hopes to continue its growth.

(14:21) Craig asks Fr. Michael’s key takeaway from studying the New Evangelization and how it relates to ministry. Fr. Michael reflects on the real understanding of what it means to be open to the Holy Spirit and to proclaim Jesus as King.

(17:03) Fr. Michael talks about what St. Dominic Media is and its inception forty years ago when St. Dominic began televising Mass. 

(23:19) Looking to the future, Fr. Michael talks about the parish breaking ground on a new gym, parish hall, and religious education building and the resistance of the temptation to “get back to normal” but to really hear where God calls each of us.

(27:31) Craig asks what Fr. Michael would tell individuals who are striving to live missionary lives, and Fr. Michael reflects on the importance of people rather than programs, and the discipline to invest in one-to-one discipleship.

(30:46) Craig shares updates on how to stay connected with the seminary, and Fr. Michael closes in prayer.

Editorial Team

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