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Heart For Mission Episode 2: Vickie Figueroa

Sacred Heart Alum and Cultural Ministries Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Detroit

by Editorial Team

Vickie Figueroa joins Dr. Matthew Gerlach for an episode of our live video podcast Heart for Mission, discussing her work in the office of Cultural Ministries for the Archdiocese of Detroit amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. 

by Editorial Team

Being a Student at Sacred Heart Major Seminary : 2:30 

Vickie shares about her mentor encouraging her to take one class at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and how she continued on to complete a Masters degree.  She discusses a couple of the most memorable classes she took, the growth she experienced as a student, and the relationships formed over a bite to eat in the dining hall. 

Cultural Ministry : 4:40

After working in pharmaceuticals and advertising, Vickie works for the Archdiocese of Detroit in the office of Cultural Ministries. Her ministry is inspired by a strong desire to see people worship God as He made them. The Coronavirus has greatly impacted the way Vickie works with her constituents but she has made a big push to keep communities connected through social media, online gatherings and phone calls. 

  •  FB Live events have been a huge success including...

    • An hour- long seminar on  “Keeping Holy Week Holy” 

    • A Covid-19 program that featured a nurse, a recovered covid-19 patient, and a christian service director.  

    • A three-night women’s prayer retreat  

Many other initiatives are continuing to be developed including an online Native American prayer circle. 

Fruits Born out of Covid-19: 21:00  

Vickie is filled with joy to see the increased time that parents are able to spend with their children during the quarantine and is inspired by the frugality and creativity of people in this trying season. She believes people are being challenged to be intentional in sharing Christ with others and references the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter Unleash the Gospel. 


Concluding Remarks and Prayer: 28:45

Editorial Team

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