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Heart for Mission Episode 9: Craig Pohl

Alumnus Craig Pohl, Director of New Evangelization for the Diocese of Lansing, joins Dr. Gerlach for Heart for Mission and takes over as the podcast’s new host

by Editorial Team

Show notes:

(0:00) Dr. Gerlach welcomes everyone, introduces our guest, Craig Pohl, and opens in prayer.

(3:00) Craig introduces himself and provides some of his background, including where he studied before coming to Sacred Heart Major Seminary and what brought him to his position as Director of New Evangelization for the Diocese of Lansing.

(8:00) Craig discusses our fuller understanding of the New Evangelization and our need for renewal as a Church. He addresses the transition of the attitude toward evangelization at an episcopal level and how it’s helping support and advance our mission as disciples.

(11:00) Dr. Gerlach reflects on the great work of evangelization the Diocese of Lansing has been doing, and the ways the Diocese of Lansing and the Archdiocese of Detroit relate together in these efforts. 

(16:00) Craig reflects on the way the pandemic has affected his ministry, especially how it made him appreciate the value of coming together in a human way. Dr. Gerlach mentions the men’s conference the Diocese of Lansing was able to hold just before the pandemic, and how magnetic the energy was during the event.

(21:00) Craig shares the most profound byproduct of the pandemic he found, which were daily ministry check-ins and the grace they provided in helping ministry coworkers to really form relationships with each other.

(24:00) Craig gives an update on his health after open-heart surgery last year, and the blessing of Solanus Casey in the span of his healthcare and recovery.

(31:00) Dr. Gerlach announces that Craig will be taking over as the new host of Heart For Mission and Craig shares his excitement to be part of the podcast, and they close in prayer.

Editorial Team

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