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“Make Better Videos”

Sacred Heart Hosts Video Training Workshop for Seminarians and Parishes

by MOSAIC Editorial Team

On January 31, Sacred Heart Major Seminary and the Archdiocese of Detroit Communications Department hosted a video training workshop for seminarians and select parishes from the Archdiocese of Detroit. The one-day training workshop focused on educating seminarians, communications professionals, and Archdiocese of Detroit parish staff on how they can better utilize videos to evangelize.

The workshop was led by Rob Kaczmark, the founder and creative director of Spirit Juice Studios, an award-winning, Chicago-based creative production firm specializing in high quality visual media. Spirit Juice Studios are best known for producing captivating videos with Catholic values at the core of their work. 

The workshop’s theme was simple: “Make Better Videos.” The event was designed to educate participants who are just starting in filmmaking, as well as those looking to advance their knowledge and skillset to create more visually compelling videos for their parishes and to help spread the Good News.

by MOSAIC Editorial Team

Danielle Center, programming director at Ste. Anne de Detroit Parish in southwest Detroit had seen some of the videos Spirit Juice Studios produced in the past and was an admirer of their work. When she learned about the workshop from a former colleague at the Archdiocese of Detroit, she was quick to join.

“I was really just blown away by the artistry of Spirit Juice studios in the past, so I figured it would be a great opportunity to learn from them,” explained Danielle. “They gave us a really clear understanding of what equipment is needed to start creating videos, without breaking a parish’s budget, and I thought that was really helpful.”

The workshop seemed to come at an opportune time for the local Church in Detroit. In his Pentecost pastoral letter entitled Unleash the Gospel, the Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, archbishop of Detroit, spoke of the importance of evangelizing using new media.

“Strong support and gratitude are owed to those members of our local Church who are using the media to spread the Good News,” wrote Archbishop Vigneron.  “I encourage the media experts among us to share their expertise and help train others in using the media for evangelization. I encourage all Catholics who use social media to recognize it as a powerful platform to engage others in conversation about the faith.” 

The second half of the workshop allowed for a more hands on approach. Participants were able to practice filming, experiment with different camera lenses and lighting, set up a mock interview, and ask questions. It also allowed participants an opportunity to network with their peers.

“It was really helpful to network with the other parishes to hear what they’re doing, what equipment they’re using, what are their plans for the future,” explained Danielle. “Learning about art, is good for other art. Our parish already has a strong and fast growing social media presence, so I’m really excited to utilize what I learned at the workshop and create inspiring content for our followers.”

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MOSAIC Editorial Team

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