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Meet Father Brenton Cordeiro

Get to know Father Brenton Cordeiro, Companions of the Cross, who was ordained to the priesthood on May 31st

by Editorial Team

Father Brenton Cordeiro first felt the call to the priesthood in a simple, profound way on his sixteenth birthday.

“As I began to fall in love with my faith, discover my faith,” he says, “that call was something that I kept close to me in my heart.” About ten years after first feeling the call, Fr. Brenton began his discernment, which led him to the Companions of the Cross — halfway across the world.

From his childhood in a small town in India to beginning his priestly ministry in Toronto, Fr. Brenton is confident in the knowledge that if he lives with a docility to the movement of the Spirit, God will take care of the rest.

Fr. Brenton looks forward to being a happy, healthy, and holy priest who is transformed by the Gospel and can live in the hope of Jesus.

Fr. Brenton was ordained on May 31st in his home diocese in India. Please join us in praying for him as he begins his priestly ministry.

Editorial Team

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