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‘Return to more, not normal’: Fr. Stephen Burr's Rector Address 2021

Fr. Stephen Burr opens the 2021-2022 academic year by reflecting on how the seminary community overcame the challenges of the pandemic, and how God is calling us to the ‘more’ of discipleship.

by Very Reverend Stephen Burr

"Our mission or outreach is evangelization here at the seminary. That’s the end game; our participation in the Kingdom. We are a center of the New Evangelization, which has been aligned across the curriculum. At this moment in our world, the mission of evangelization has not changed. Something has remained the same. Our duty or mission is to show individuals the beauty of knowing Jesus Christ, which will enlighten the Truth of who He is, bring Hope of the life to come and Joy in our living with Him now and forever. Jesus Christ is the reason for hope. Jesus Christ cuts through the chaos. Anyone who does not know God has no hope; they may entertain finite hopes, but not hope in the one who sustains their life. By forming priests, deacons, and lay ecclesial ministers here at the seminary we are dedicated to proclaiming the life of Jesus Christ in our current ministry and through the generations of ministers who pray and study here. May God bless us in making the mission of Sacred Heart Major Seminary a renewed reality of seeking more in Jesus Christ during the 2021-22 academic year."

by Very Reverend Stephen Burr

Read Rev. Stephen Burr's complete Rector's Address, given August 25, 2021

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Very Reverend Stephen Burr


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