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Seminarian’s March for Life Experience Strengthens Pro-Life Convictions

Christian Flagstadt, Theology III, reflects on the first time he attended March for Life in Washington, D.C. and how it inspired him to become more active in the movement to protect the unborn.

by Editorial Team

I have always been a supporter of the pro-life movement and believed that every child, born and unborn, was formed in the image and likeness of God. I’ve always seen abortion as one of the great evils of our day, and hoped that women in crisis pregnancies would receive the proper support they needed and be encouraged to choose life. Even though my beliefs were rooted in great respect for the dignity of the human person, my involvement in pro-life activities was minimal. 

My convictions were profoundly strengthened, however, when I attended my first March for Life in Washington DC in 2015. The opportunity to participate in the March for Life was presented to me when a parish asked if I would chaperone a group of young men who desired to attend the March for Life. The opportunity to go on the trip and lead other young men on the journey was a gift from the Lord. 

In addition to many wonderful memories I made on the trip, I am grateful I accepted this opportunity because it significantly changed my perspective of the pro-life movement. The number of people who faithfully pray for an end to abortion was much greater than I anticipated. I was amazed at the crowds: thousands of people gather in our nation’s capitol to peacefully and prayerfully protest against the legal protection of abortion. It was humbling and incredibly beautiful to see people from all over the country pray together and unite over this very important issue. 

I was moved by the numerous testimonies I heard, both from woman who regret their abortion and from adults who were survivors of failed abortions. My experience from the March for Life convicted me that my support of the pro-life movement could not just be a part of my personal belief system; I had to do what I could to be involved in this cause. This encouraged me to pray more fervently for an end to the abortion and support local pregnancy care clinics.

Since it has been five years since I last attended the March for Life, I was looking forward to returning this past year. As we all continue to adapt our plans due to the challenges of Covid-19, my class, unfortunately, was not able to attend. However, our work to help the pro-life movement is not limited by a march once a year! Let us all continue to pray and do what we can to support mothers in crisis pregnancies and promote a culture of life!

Christian Flagstadt

Diocese of Marquette

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by Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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