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Victors! Seminarians Win First Soccer Meet

by MOSAIC Editorial Team

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On a warm, beautiful fall afternoon, seminarians and priests came together on October 14 for the first annual Priests vs. Seminarians soccer match.

Recent alumni and professors, spiritual directors and Hebrew scholars, as well as priests from all around the Archdiocese of Detroit, surrounding dioceses, and the Chaldean Eparchy joined forces to take on the seminarians. Although the priests scored first to take an early lead, the seminarians responded with three unanswered goals to take a 3-1 lead at half-time. With both teams scoring a goal in the second half, the seminarians came out on top to win the first annual match, 4-2.

Seminarians Deacon Jared Holzhuter (Diocese of Madison) and Fadie Gorgies (Chaldean Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle) led the Sacred Heart team to victory on and off the field. Deacon Holzhuter, who has played soccer for most of his life, tended goal for the seminarians during the first half of the game, and he co-coached the team from the sidelines during the second half. When asked what was the key to the seminarians' success, Deacon Holzhuter replied jokingly, The priests were old and tired.

Recently ordained Sacred Heart alumnus Fr. Dominic Macioce organized the match with the seminarians, bringing with him fifteen priests to compete against Sacred Heart. Despite coming up short in the first annual game, Father Macioce stated, I'm glad we could come together and compete with each other. Hopefully we can make it a yearly event.

MOSAIC Editorial Team

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