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Virtual Tour Part 3

Msgr. Lajiness continues this series of Sacred Heart Major Seminary behind-the-scenes tours with two locations that are essential to the SHMS identity.

by Editorial Team


Msgr. Lajiness welcomes us back and gives a brief overview of where we’ll go on our tour, how these spots are integrated into our formation program, and where to find a full explanation of the priestly formation process.

Auditorium - 1:54

We arrive in the auditorium, where seminarians hold concerts, musicals, and plays, and Msgr. Lajiness discusses some of the auditorium’s history.

Gymnasium - 4:02

We enter the gymnasium, where we learn of some of the larger events and sports that are held here. Msgr. Lajiness tells us how the Detroit Pistons used to practice in this gym!

Racquetball Courts - 5:15

Below the gym, we see some old racquetball courts, some of which still serve as courts, and some of which are used for other fitness and athletic purposes. Msgr. Lajiness touches on the importance of a well-balanced life, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Conclusion - 7:17

Editorial Team

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Sacred Heart Major Seminary is a Christ-centered Catholic community of faith and higher learning committed to forming leaders who will proclaim the good news of Christ to the people of our time. As a leading center of the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart serves the needs of the Archdiocese of Detroit and contributes to the mission of the universal Church.