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Find Healing for the Deadly Sins with the Church Fathers This Lent

A Free Online Course with Dr. Kevin Clarke

by Editorial Team

Join fellow disciples in pursuit of holiness this Lent with Sacred Heart Major Seminary’s newest online course. Dr. Kevin Clarke, the Dean of the Institute for Lay Ministry and Associate Professor at Sacred Heart, will teach The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies.” This free course will be offered on EQUIP, the online formation platform sponsored by the Institute for Lay Ministry.

Throughout this course, Dr. Clarke will explore the vices known as the “seven deadly sins” or, as they are known to Eastern Christians, the “eight evil thoughts.” He will introduce participants to the wisdom of the Church Fathers on how to overcome these vices with virtues. This Lent, take advantage of the opportunity to receive guidance on how to grow in holiness from brilliant saints such as Gregory the Great, Augustine, and Maximus the Confessor.

The course follows this plan:

Module 1: A Brief History of the Deadly Sins

Module 2: Repelling Evil Thoughts with the Virtues

Module 3: The ‘Base’ Passions and the Path to Self-Mastery

Module 4: The ‘Spirited’ Passions and the Path to Peace

Module 5: Overcoming a Vice of the Whole Soul

Module 6: Humility to Conquer the Rational Passions

This self-paced course runs from Sunday, February 11, to Saturday, March 23, 2024. It is a helpful opportunity to strengthen your spiritual well-being during this Lenten season.

Learn more and register for the course at

by Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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