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by MOSAIC Editorial Team

Visual language of redesigned website better communicates values, is easier to use.

We are excited to introduce a comprehensive refresh and redesign to the Sacred Heart Major Seminary website, For manypotential students, visitors, benefactor—our website is the first interaction they will have with Sacred Heart. Many other members of our community use the website regularly to connect with seminary. This updating will allow us to interact effectively with everyone who visits us online, creating a unique, meaningful, and rewarding experience that communicates our values and the quality of our institution.

Informed by our new brand identity, the website is an essential portal to the heart of our mission in the center of Detroit. Clean, attractive, content-focused design helps us to showcase the beauty of our physical buildings and the quality of the programs we offer. A third (and growing) of those accessing our website do so on mobile or tablet, and the fully-responsive redesign will ensure that they, too, have a pleasant, useful interaction with the site. The visual language of the website reflects the values that make Sacred Heart unique: institutional excellence, our Christ-centered approach to higher learning, and our commitment to the New Evangelization.

New features that enable ways of sharing fresh information with our community will allow our staff, faculty, students, and friends to interact more easily and usefully with each other. News and events are given prominent billing on the home page, providing an insight into the bustling day-to-day life of the seminary. The site has been organized to be much more intuitive, as different audiences (students, staff, visitors, etc.) are now directed along paths that quickly lead them to relevant information.

We believe that this new website will reinforce our continuing efforts to have a real and lasting impact on our community, our diocese, our Church, and our world.

MOSAIC Editorial Team

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Sacred Heart Major Seminary is a Christ-centered Catholic community of faith and higher learning committed to forming leaders who will proclaim the good news of Christ to the people of our time. As a leading center of the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart serves the needs of the Archdiocese of Detroit and contributes to the mission of the universal Church.