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Support the Formation of Your Future Priests, Deacons, and Lay Ministers

Consider supporting the ongoing mission of Sacred Heart with your prayers and a financial gift

by Very Reverend Stephen Burr

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ, 

As we near the end of Lent, I pray that this season has fostered in you a renewed love for our Lord and an eagerness for his coming in glory at Easter.   

Since Sacred Heart Major Seminary was founded in 1919, thousands of priests, deacons, religious and laity have come from near and far to be formed here. These men and women have, after years of formation and training, been sent to all corners of the Archdiocese of Detroit—and to dioceses all around the world—to share the love of Christ with all those they encounter.   

During this year, we are particularly grateful to God for our seminary building, for which Bishop Michael Gallagher broke ground in February 1923 and which officially opened its doors in September 1924. It is in these classrooms that countless men and women have, with the guidance of our world-renowned faculty, been prepared to serve the Church and advance the New Evangelization. This academic and spiritual formation has, in turn, been a blessing to the innumerable faithful who have been ministered to by graduates of Sacred Heart. I invite you to join me in giving thanks to God for the myriad graces that have blessed the faithful through the homilies, reflections, spiritual counseling, teaching, and other ways in which Sacred Heart graduates have ministered.   

We are especially grateful for the Chapel at Sacred Heart. Throughout its history, thousands of faithful men, women, and saints of God have spent countless hours there in the presence of Jesus Christ, discerning their vocation and praying for his guidance and for the intercession of the saints. The Chapel is at the heart of the  seminary building and keeps all the members of our community close to the heart of Jesus Christ.  

Would you continue to pray for us and, if possible, provide a financial contribution? Your gifts directly support and make possible the formation of priests, deacons, and lay ministers. We cannot continue this mission without your generous support.  

Every day, we give thanks to God for your faithful and generous support, including praying for our benefactors during the intercessory prayers of our daily Mass. On behalf of our students, faculty, and staff, please be assured not only of my gratitude but also of my ongoing prayers for you.  

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Very Reverend Stephen P. Burr 

by Very Reverend Stephen Burr

Very Reverend Stephen Burr


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Sacred Heart Major Seminary is a Christ-centered Catholic community of faith and higher learning committed to forming leaders who will proclaim the good news of Christ to the people of our time. As a leading center of the New Evangelization, Sacred Heart serves the needs of the Archdiocese of Detroit and contributes to the mission of the universal Church.