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The Beauty of Belief ... online interactive series

Over 3,100 faithful enroll in the inaugural online series

by MOSAIC Editorial Team

The Beauty of Belief online series begins a new chapter in Sacred Heart's work in sharing the New Evangelization. Through the use of innovative educational technology, Catholic faithful seeking to enrich their spiritual lives are participating in an interactive six-part online series (non credit courses) this Lenten season. This inaugural series was offered free and is rooted in the seminary's  support of Unleash the Gospel. Over 3,100 individuals living in the Archdiocese ... living in other cities in the United States ... and living in numerous foreign countries have enrolled in the series. 

Individuals participating in this online course work at their own pace. The course is structured over six-weeks, running between March 11 and April 20, 2019. The courses feature video-lectures by leading theologians from the Sacred Heart faculty. Combined with the videos are supplementary readings, online discussions, and personal assessments. Each of the modules invites learners to explore a different aspect of the Catholic faith. While the course modules are rich in content, they have been designed with an understanding that everyone learns at a different pace.

  • Module 1: “The Beauty of Scripture” – Dr. Mary Healy
  • Module 2: “The Beauty of Church” – Dr. Robert Fastiggi
  • Module 3: “The Beauty of Truth” – Dr. Ralph Martin
  • Module 4: “The Beauty of Virtue” – Dr. Janet Smith
  • Module 5: “The Beauty of Spirituality” – Dr. Patricia Cooney-Hathaway
  • Module 6: “The Beauty of Hope” – Fr. Pieter vanRooyen

by MOSAIC Editorial Team

MOSAIC Editorial Team

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